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What is The Corporate Culture Mapping Tool?

The Corporate Culture Mapping tool allows you to map out the corporate culture of your team or organization along the eight dimensions introduced by cross-cultural management expert Erin Meyer in her book: The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business (Public Affairs, 2014).

This is done through small group discussions.  You will be divided into small teams and have them debate where they believe the organizational culture falls on the Culture Map scales.

Each group uses this tool to plot the positions of the organizational culture as they see it.

The tool then allows you to view the maps developed by each team on one chart and create a final corporate culture map. Once the corporate culture map is complete you can compare it to the maps of the various countries you are working with.

Results are immediate and can be saved and printed if you wish to do so. A brief explanation of all 8 dimensions is also given at the end of the results page so that you can make sense of your results.

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