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What is The Personal Profile Tool?

Even seasoned, cosmopolitan managers often have oversimplified ideas about how people from other cultures operate. That's because they tend to zero in on just one or two elements- communication, for example, or decision making. But culture is more complex than that. To get an accurate picture, you need to gauge cognitive, relational, and behavioral differences along the eight dimensions introduced by cross-cultural management expert Erin Meyer in her book: The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business (Public Affairs, 2014).

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The Personal Profile Tool is divided into two parts:

Part 1


First you are asked to respond to a short questionnaire to determine your personal profile against that of others from your own culture. The Questionnaire allows you to find out how your own style of giving feedback, establishing trust, and making decisions (just to get started) compares to others from your own culture.

Part 2

Compare Results

Once you have established your personal profile, you can compare your results with those of participants from over 65+ countries (those available on the Country Mapping tool), all on one graph. You can pick and chose as few or as many of the 65+ countries available and create a graph that will highlight the main similarities and differences along the 8 dimensions of the Culture Map.

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